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3rd Place Winner: Shenzhen Opera House International Competition

Updated: Apr 14

The proposal from REX + JET Design received 3rd place winner.

The Shenzhen Opera House is located in the coastal leisure zone of Shekou Peninsula in Nanshan District. It integrates the characteristic resources surrounded by mountains, seas, rivers and harbors, and utilizes the unique endowment of mountains and seas to be built into a “world-class art palace and a new international cultural exchange in the Greater Bay Area” The platform, the new landmark of Shenzhen art and culture and the living room of Shenzhen folk art".

This international competition is organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources in conjunction with the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, and the Shenzhen Municipal Construction and Public Works Administration. The competition adopts the method of "global invitation + open sea election" and has attracted many Pritzker prizes. The world's top design institutions including the winners participated. The competition proposal presents the world's highest level of creativity and diverse concepts. The jury was made of international famous architects, led by Academician He Jingtang and Academician Meng Jianmin, Sejima Kazuyo, Yan Xunqi, Heatherwick and other internationally renowned architects.

In total, the city received over 70 design proposals from around the world.

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