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Company Profile

JET is an award-winning international architecture and urban design office established in Toronto, Canada.   JET has consistently demonstrated its distinguished design skills, being finalists in more than 10 international competitions during the last 10 years. Winning competitions such as the Shenshan City International Competition and the Hong Kong West Kowloon Arts Pavilion International Competition.  Recently JET teamed up with REX to make the top 20 shortlist  and advanced to the top 6 finalist stage and placing 3rd in the prestigious Shenzhen Opera House International Competition along with BIG, MVRDV, Snohetta, Kengo Kuma, and Jean Nouvel (the winner).  
JET’s success in a couple of the earlier competitions demonstrated smart ecological solutions which impressed Dr. Kongjian Yu from Turenscape, who invited the firm to help establish the Turenscape JET International Design Studio in Beijing. Within a 3 year period, JET built a studio of 20 international designers and worked on over 50 architecture and urban design projects across China and around the world.
JET’s 2014 winning design located in West Kowloon Cultural District Waterfront on Victoria Harbor was chosen from over 100 entries from around the world to win the prestigious commission. The multipurpose gallery space was designed to accommodate a range of events such as artist exhibitions and musician’s performances. The winning pavilion impressed the judges with its simplistic, ecological approach, which allowed the Pavilion to blend into its natural context through its reflective external walls which camouflaged its architecture, and immersed the building within the greenery of its park setting. Moreover, the funnel form of the M+ Pavilion allows the building to gather fresh sea breezes and ventilate the building naturally.  The M+ Pavilion’s design was awarded American Architecture Prize and the AIA Merit Award.
JET formed an all Canadian consortium to compete and won the Shenzhen Shenshan Special Cooperation Zone International Competition.   The new 50sqkm master-planned city will be China's national demonstration project, which will be a functional and sustainable metropolis that celebrates its landscape and historic setting, creating a people-centered environment and a high quality of life that sets a new bar for community building in China.    JET was also part of a winning team for the Rupayan Residential Community Invited Competition. The masterplan was generated by varing the spacing between buildings to induce the Venturi effect, allowing the air to circulate throughout the community. This design was awarded with the Ontario Association of Architect Award for Best Concept in 2018. 

JET at its core, believes in the integration of cross-disciplinary technologies which create designs that improve our increasingly contemporary spaces. Environmental sustainability is an integral part of their design process, as demonstrated in their Kaohsiung Port Terminal International Competition, where their project “Open-air” was a finalist out of 94 entries. The project was applauded for combining traditional passive energy techniques with modern, innovative technologies which embraced the sub-tropical climate through its series of open and enclosed spaces.


In addition to design expertise, JET is also expertly utilizes the latest computer technologies for the management and construction of complex

designs. Their experience with BIM (Building Information Mode) have helped projects save on their overall construction costs by visualizing the

construction process and finding ways to optimize and identify problems in advance. This utilization of BIM enabled them to design inventive

projects with recognitions such as a WoodWorks Award for “Best Interior Design”.


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