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Project: Shunyifornia: International Theatre and Exhibition Venue

Located in Shunyi Linkong area in Beijing, China, Shunyifornia is an International Theatre and Exhibition Venue.


Shunyi, as an "industrial manufacturing district" that once accounted for half of Beijing's total industrial output value, began to transform into a " technical and cultural service district". The main purpose of the design was to re-give the idle industrial areas an artistic and cultural life, and promote the re-activation of the community.


The total GFA of the complex is 11,000 sqm which consists of two warehouse conversions. The first phase is a Theatre and Arts Exhibition space and the second phase to the north is an Arts Innovation Hub.


JET converted an 8,000 square meters old industrial warehouse which has been idle for 5 years into Theatre and Arts Exhibition space that consists of gathering court, education and exhibition spaces. It was designed according to international standards. It will promote regional economic development and cultural exchanges and bring fresh vitality to local communities.


The venue design respects the structure and texture of the original industrial warehouse and honours the historical and cultural characteristics of the site through the preservation of the appearance of the warehouse and exposure of some of the steel structure. At the same time, it provides unlimited possibilities for the future development of the venue by creating diverse new spaces inside the warehouse. The venue is equipped with various advanced facilities, such as fresh air purification system, which can adjust the temperature and humidity of the venue at any time.


The art gallery and exhibition space are located on two-story to provide people with a large  gallery space for larger exhibitions or a smaller more intimate exhibition space. . The white interior wall and black exposed steel frame structure contrast, present a simple and powerful atmosphere, suitable for art and various exhibition. The grand staircase that connect the two floors, double as seating, allowing visitors to congregate between floors, circulation to be turned into an event space. Glass skylights and floor-to-ceiling windows introduce natural light, and the colorful graffiti walls create a lively space for communication. Behind the theatre on the second floor is a permanent art gallery to showcase local artists on a regular basis. The artworks displayed around will give people a first impression of the venue's elegance.


For larger exhibitions, a double height multifunctional room can transform when there is no exhibition into a gymnasium which can be used as daily fitness places for surrounding residents. It can also be used by schools for organizing activities such as science competition and summer camps. It can contribute a lot in enhancing community cohesion.


The egg-shaped stage theater area, designed according to National Grand Theater standards, is simple yet modern. The masterfully designed floating cantilevered curved wall above the stage, allows people to stop and watch the stage freely during certain show as Its rear space is relatively open and it is not a fully enclosed like traditional theaters. The white walls and ceiling with 400 red seats make the environment elegant and bright. The theater can accommodate a single dancer or cast of hundreds of people at the same time, and carry out ballet, musicals and other cultural activities.  

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