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Hong Kong Shenzhen Border Crossing Terminal

Project: Hong Kong Shenzhen Border Crossing Terminal
Client: HKSARG and SMPG
Status: Invited Competition
Type: Terminal
Size: 230,000m2
Location: Hong Kong, China
Collaborators: In joint venture with AIM Group


The nature and purpose of the border between mainland China and Hong Kong has shifted from a division line between two countries during Colonial Hong Kong to a more casual crossing between two Chinese cities. In fact this definition is constantly changing and evolving, and indeed we are all looking forward to a stronger bond between mainland China and Hong Kong, with less and less separation.

In this context of change, one key aspect in our proposal is to satisfy the need for a more casual commune between the two sides by streamlining the customs process and at the same time providing a simple, user friendly yet contemporary architecture to house these activities.

Architectural Layout- User Friendliness and Streamlining

The key exploration in the terminal design is to place the main halls, in both the Hong Kong and Shenzhen side on two open decks at the same level, with supporting facilities in the middle.

Being linear, shaded and with an open panoramic views to the outside, this design offers an open plan which is contrary to the typical layouts of current border crossing terminals and their dark interior tunnel-like spaces.

Architectural layout - Exchange Platform

To facilitate a "hands-on" and full-time dialog between the various agencies and officers of both sides on board, we propose to create a designated area for exchange, in the form of meeting rooms and cafes placed in a neutral border region accessible from both sides which can be both a temporary setup activated when needed or can be planned part of a permanent architectural layout.

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