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Remington Centre Interiors

Program: Commercial retail and residential development
Location: Markham, Canada
Size: 74,300 sm
Materials: Gypsum board, glass, natural stone and porcelain tiles, wood

JET has been commissioned to concept the interior spaces of the Remington Centre, a new mall providing 800,000 square feet of retail and commercial space. Six Asian inspired themed courts are being designed.

The Night Market is modeled after the night markets in Taiwan. This space hopes to capture the excitement and vibrancy of the night market. The Bamboo Court is a space designed to take a moment to relax, appreciate the calmness of the tall growing bamboo and the sounds flowing of water of the fountain feature. The Silk Corridor is the main connecting passage between the main entrance and the central space of the mall. It features an undulating ceiling with natural light flooding from the above clerestories. Pine Court, the central space of the mall, features a water fountain wall and pool. The space has also the ability to transform into a stage area for special events, such as the New Year's Festival, concerts or performances. The Orchid Court is located just off the northern entrance to the mall. It features a clerestory atrium and ceiling lanterns inspired by the beautiful forms of the orchid. Lotus Court houses the main food court for the mall. The lotus motif is expressed through the ceiling coves and the reflecting pool which will contain real lotus plants and gold fish.

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