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Metropolitan Pharmacy

Project: Metropolitan Pharmacy
Location: Toronto, Canada
Size: 150 sm
Materials: Maple Veneer Plywood, Stainless Steel, Epoxy Floor

The challenge was to fit a pharmacy and medical clinic into a compact area of 1500 sf with a ceiling height of 21ft and a level change. The pharmacy and medical clinic is a commercial typology that has traditionally been kept separate. This project presented a unique opportunity to define a brand for this new business venture.

The pharmacy component consists of a dispensary, service counter, counselling booth and storage area, while the clinic component consists of four clinics, a waiting area, reception desk, and an office. Common to both uses is the accessible washroom.

The interior fit out combines traditional millworking methods with leading edge industrial technologies. A building information model (BIM) was used to refine the form of the construction while computer numerically controlled (CNC) milling was used to cut out the components of the millwork.

The idea is simple, consisting of a grid of product shelving used to form the space and its flow. The contoured grid of millwork guides the flow of space upon entering the pharmacy, to waiting for a medical appointment or to having a prescription ordered. The millwork components were kept to fit within an 8 ft length maximum to work with the standard plywood sheet dimension of 4x8 ft.

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