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Fuye Group Headquarters

Project Location: Fuyang, China

Collaborators: JET, Sweeny & CO.

Seen from the Wangjiang Bridge, the new FuYe Towers will stand as a gateway into the new Lushan Central Business District, signalling the importance of this emerging power to this region.

With this great responsibility we see a central role for a project driven equally by ideas and emotions. Ideas here manifest themselves as an expression of the history and material process of Fu Ye’s tradition of metallurgy. A transformation of raw materials into discrete metals also provides a colourful language for shaping architecture the way Fu Ye has shaped metals for generations. Fiery fluid liquid metals shaped and transformed provide a stunning formal expression of the building’s shape. Symbolically, emerging from the ground to the heights depicted here has offered a wealth of architectural details, from the curving façade, to the delicate sculpted glazing that envelopes the work spaces high above the surrounding streets, to the raw nature depicted in the landscape the grounds the building. The building is a symbol of the transformative aspects of rock to metal, of China’s advancements – born from fire, sculpted into a rich legacy.

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