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69 Yorkville Ave.

Architect: JET
Planner: WND Associates
Urban Designer: Brook Mcllroy
Landscape Architect: Janet Rosenberg & Studio Inc.
Traffic & Site Servicing: EXP
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti
Mechanical Engineer: Tou & Associates Ltd
Electrical Engineer: Quasar Consulting Group
Façade Consultant: Front
Sustainability Consultant: Transsolar


Reflecting on the history of the Yorkville village, the unique proposed concept is based on a series of three-storey slanted modules that wrap around the façade to create a consistent design pattern, combining functionality and aesthetics. The slanted glass walls provide passive shading and reduce light reflection and dust accumulation for best viewing performance as well, doubling on the sustainable strategies used in this design. 

The modules create balconies for the residential units on the north and south side of the building and the balconies become gradually smaller to smoothly transition to the west and east opaque wall facades where recess in the modules is reduced to as low as 1’. The consistent envelope design, visually wraps around the building and blends the volume with the context aesthetically, creating a nice façade treatment and exterior lighting that complements the vibrant nightlife of the neighborhood. 


To maximize greenery and outdoor amenity space by creating opportunities from site limitations, the volume is pulled in and peeled above podium on the south west corner to better transition to the low-rise west context but also open up for outdoor landscape and amenity areas. The top parapet modules embrace the rooftop garden amenity in a way that blocks the wind but also create the pointy aesthetics, reminiscent of the neighborhood’s heritage Victorian style architecture.


Inspired by the dynamic design of the building, our award-winning landscape consultant, Janet Rosenberg & Studio, utilized the bold geometry to develop a landscape that is elegant and geometrically strong. 

Built-in sculptural benches provide an elegant framework that informs the granite paving. The planting takes on a unique organic form. The columnar light fixtures bring a layer of sophistication and vibrance to the space, as well as the art that is featured as a reference to Yorkville’s strong art gallery identity. As always JRS takes a sustainable approach to all their projects.


At street level, the proposed design animates the street scape with pedestrian scale setbacks and canopies, from Genoa St on the east side to full glazing retail spaces facing Yorkville Ave and Bellair St. The thoughtful ground floor design layout proposes the residential and office lobby entrances from the north west, keeping most of the street frontage on Yorkville Ave and Bellair St for retail fronts and allowing car and loading access from the eastern Genoa St. 

It replaces the existing half level basement commercials fronting Yorkville Ave, with the more pedestrian-friendly, at grade retail, that wraps around the north-east corner and activates Genoa St on the east side. 

The fully automated high end mechanical parking system, provides required parking space for all uses including EV charging stations that can all be accessed from the two car cabins directly, allowing for an efficient, fast and reliable parking with a touch of a button.


The 29-storey mixed use building proposes double height retail spaces at grade, 2 levels of office space on podium, which replace the existing office spaces, residential units including large 3-bedroom options, complemented with Indoor and outdoor amenities above podium and top of roof all connected through a central vertical circulation core. 

The magnificent rooftop design features landscaped outdoor amenity terrace with scenic views to the CN tower and Yorkville neighborhood, in addition to green roof, including on top of the mechanical penthouse area.


We are now looking into developing cultural components and pursuing innovative building technologies to make our project more community oriented and sustainable.

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