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Markham Free Methodist Church

Project: Markham Free Methodist Church
Client: Markham Free Methodist Church
Program: Religious
Size: 10,000 SM
Location: Markham, Toronto, Canada
Type: Proposal

How to design a church that will accommodate believers to worship regularly and for non-believer to go to church regularly on a daily basis?

The Markham Free Methodist Church is not only a church but also a community center for the district. Besides the design of the architecture itself is important, another essential focus is the method to develop the project. In each phase there will have new design or improvement program spaces gear towards worship functions as well as community facilities to carry out the message of share and the objective to outreach.

This religion and community complex is scheduled to expand in 3 different phases. The first phase will be focuses on building a new chapel and the renovation of the existing warehouse structure to become a to become a sports hall. The second phase use the sports hall as the main worship space, in comporting with community functions such as daycare facilities and public playground. The last phase will introduce conference rooms, hotel and a sanctuary hall that can accommodate more than 3000 people.

One of the common space design for the hotel and community to share together is the courtyard which is accessible from the lobby. Light and openness are the essential elements driving the whole design. The atrium lobby colonnade and sanctuary hall have skylights and huge window openings allow daylight to flood and breeze to flow through the spaces. Using daylight and wind as the signals to guide people naturally gathering in the courtyard and pass through the community area and worship space spontaneously.

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