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Kunming International Finance Centre

Project Location: Kunming, China

Built Area (sq m): 26,105

Date: 2011

Type: Competition

Status: Proposal

Design Inspiration

The province of Yunnan and the city of Kunming has a very unique natural landscape, where stone forests and unusual landforms give the city its own identity. These extraordinary landscapes seen in no other city was the driving force of inspiration for the design of Kunming International Financial Centre.

The direction of the development in the city is based on the notion of sustainability in order to prevent an 'urban oasis' situation like other major cities in China, with lack of green space and natural components. Therefore it is important to design appropriately, especially for the central business district of Kunming, to fit the culture of the area and introduce natural environments into the urban context.

After the construction of Kunming International Financial Center is complete, it will be the tallest building in Kunming erected 200m above ground. The architectural design of the building is an amalgamation of both Kunming's unique natural environment and a contemporary office tower as a new design typology for different institutes and corporate headquarters in the city. 

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