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M+ Pavilion

Project Location: Hong Kong, China

Built Area (sq m): 878

Date of project completion: September, 2016

The winner of an International Design Competition chosen from 100 entries, the 'Floating Art Platform' is a gallery that "floats above the foliage" by cantilevering the building out from the hillside.


Elevated walls are designed strategically with openings projecting the building to intertwine with its surroundings in a human scale creating:


1). A welcoming northeast conjunction to the park linking a future planned museum

2). The northwest façade is close to main road for services access;

3). Southside waterfront facing connection in the form of curved steps, which wrap around the central green berm, gradually bring the visitor from ground level of the park to the raised gallery


The building's shape was designed to scoop up fresh sea breezes from the harbour creating a wind tunnel effect induces natural ventilation into the gallery reducing the air conditioning load.

The building's design explores the notion of ecology with the same simplistic approach as the overall concept, where the building, topographic landscape, wide spreading tree canopies works together forming a continuous whole. This extensive greenery addresses the emphasis on the incorporation of manmade and natural environment.


The 878-square-metre structure contains two storeys, including 310 square metres of exhibition space. Mirrored external walls camouflage the architecture, reflecting the surrounding expanses of greenery and immersing the building within its park setting. To further this experience, the building’s main exhibition space is elevated, allowing it to float above the foliage, creating the opportunity for artwork to be appreciated against a backdrop of the city skyline with spectacular views out over the harbour. The building is designed to be surrounded by natural light, away from noise. Inside, gallery spaces are created by polished concrete floors and white walls alongside large windows and a looped terrace – a flexible backdrop for multidisciplinary art exhibitions and performances.


The building was designed to operate as a free venue for city residents and tourists (the city receives over 58 million annual visitors) to appreciate art. The promotion of art in a city that

traditionally is known as a city of finance is a very bold investment by the city. The building is a social venue for the promotion of arts through free lectures and exhibitions. It was the first

building built in the planned 40 acre cultural district which seeks to provide a positive impact for work and appreciation of local artists giving them a platform for showcasing their work.

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